Our services are customized to fit every organization’s actual needs. Explore our wide range of solutions to start your journey towards transformation.

Professional Education Services

We can help your business transform into a world-class organization by providing you with expert-led courses and certifications. These services are anchored on industry standards and global best practices, primarily CMMI, ensuring your organization to successfully navigate the obstacles caused by the evolving IT landscape worldwide.

  • Training and Professional Development. We offer a wide portfolio of courses to help increase your organization’s skillset.

  • Professional Certification Center. As a CMMI Partner, we can help your IT professionals acquire CMMI certifications providing your organization an edge in improving your business processes.

Organizational Performance Solutions

Here at SQME, we are committed to guide your organization's transformation by offering customized solutions which aim to identify and avoid your business's obstacles that hinder you to perform optimally. Aside from letting you see and understand your current challenges, we can also help you streamline your IT processes and certify compliance to industry standards.

  • CMMI Consulting and Appraisal. As our main anchor, we can help your business adopt the CMMI ideology to improve your organizational performance by utilizing industry standards and global best practices.

  • IT Transformation. Transforming your IT processes, with CMMI as its core, is a key to improving business capabilities bridging the gap among people, process, and tools.

  • IT Compliance. Our team can help you identify and address your organization’s IT compliance and regulatory requirements and build necessary measures to ensure success in IT compliance audits.

SQME Enterprise IT Services

Our team has a broad experience in developing digital tools and solutions for many companies from different industries. We have helped (and continue to guide) hundreds of organizations in creating and managing enterprise applications that aim to improve business processes. In turn, these services help businesses improve time to market, reduce risk and disruptions, and minimize operational expenses in the long run.

  • Development Services. We have a team of highly capable professionals to help your business to become more efficient by developing software applications based on your needs. 

  • Testing Services. Our software testing services can help you fix gaps between technical concerns and the user community.

  • IT Managed Services. SQME takes over your services to ensure that a sustainable transformation is achieved.

  • Process Governance. We become your partner in ensuring that best practices are being implemented within your organization.

  • Project Management. Our CMMI-trained Project Managers can help your team accomplish projects using global best practices and various methodologies.

SQME Outsourcing

Providing BPO and Customer Experience services, as well as in finding and developing senior leadership teams for organizations, are a big part of SQME's specialization. It is important for us to help businesses like you to improve and maintain a solid relationship with your clientele. We offer solutions to help your organization maintain impeccable performance by helping you perform key processes and building a solid organizational foundation.

  • Business Process Outsourcing. SQME has wide range of capabilities from Contact Center, Professional Services, Creatives, Sales and Marketing, Data Processing and Analytics, Financial Services, Health Care, and IT.

  • Executive Search. We can help your organization in developing a capable leadership team that can lead your business in achieving your organizational objectives. 

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