Take Organizational Performance to the Next Level with CMMI V2.0

Through an integrated product suite, CMMI V2.0 aligns business goals directly with operations and capabilities to drive measurable improved performance in terms of time, quality, budget, customer satisfaction and other key drivers.

Take a look at some initial performance results of CMMI V2.0 adoption:

Productivity increased
Profitability increased
Defect reduction
Rework reduced
On-time delivery rate
Estimation accuracy improved

Build on Business Performance with CMMI V2.0 Improvements that include:

Build on Business Performance with CMMI V2.0 Improvements that include
At every level, V2.0 demonstrates the value and ROI of implementing CMMI. Tangible business performance results are now built directly into the model practice areas and practices, as well as the appraisal method.
Reliability AND Reduced Life-Cycle Costs
Increase the value of benchmarking while reducing time, effort and cost. V2.0’s new appraisal method improves reliability and confidence in the results. Reduced preparation time lowers the appraised organization’s total life-cycle costs.
Current and Future Business Relevance
V2.0’s scalable architecture platform enables interoperability guidance that aligns with current trend methodologies. Brand new practices, such as Enabling Virtual Solution Delivery (EVSD), Safety and Security, and Agile with Scrum guidance, ensures V2.0 addresses current and emerging business needs.
With non-technical language, easier-to-understand practices, tools that guide transition/adoption, and an online viewing platform for speedy access to the practices you want, V2.0 improves business performance effectively and efficiently.
The non-technical language, practices and adoption guidance, as well as the online scalable architecture supports the future of method guidance and additions—in new and emerging practice areas that the future will bring!

CMMI’s performance improvement model has helped thousands of globally recognized companies over the last 25+ years—including many Fortune 500 organizations. CMMI V2.0 adds to the legacy as a trusted source of proven best practices. In addition, through the new online platform, V2.0 will be continuously updated to reflect changing needs, helping businesses perform their best long into
the future.

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