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 A full-service Process Improvement, IT Outsourcing, and Business Transformation Consulting firm internationally recognized for transforming businesses into high-performing organizations. With over 30 years of industry experience, SQME has helped more than 300 companies globally in meeting their business objectives, guiding the way for lasting improvement. Our commitment to our clients ensures cost-efficient, smart, and innovative solutions in dealing with our clients’ toughest IT challenges.

We aim to provide value through scalable and measurable Service Delivery that is ready to tackle the future. Using our industry expertise and an extensive list of capabilities, we at SQME Professionals guarantee to transform the way you do and bring real change that lasts.


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Professional Education Services

Enhance and empower your organization with our expert-led training and certification services. We utilize industry standards and global best practices to lead your organization in attaining your objectives.

Organizational Performance Solutions

Identify and resolve your organizational obstacles using solutions that fit your business objectives. Our industry experts and consultants will design a clear and customized roadmap that will guide you to a sustained transformation.

Enterprise IT Services

Move forward and maximize your business potential with customized digital tools that are the perfect fit for your organization. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to enterprise applications and IT processes improvement.


Improve and maintain a solid relationship with your clientele using our BPO and Executive Search services. We are an industry leader when it comes to providing BPO and Customer Experience services, as well as in finding and developing senior leadership teams for your organization.

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Captains of the Industry
We are composed of highly trained experts and consultants who understand your organization's needs leading your business to a successful transformation.
Fueled by Best Practices
We utilize world class tools and methodologies that are based on industry standards and global best practices that can push your organization's performance to its full potential.
Guided by Value
We put value to the forefront by maximizing resources covering as much improvement areas with lesser cost for you in the long term.
Lights on - 24/7
We guide you every step of the way as your partner. We will provide all the necessary guidance from beginning to end, lighting the way to your goals.

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