Professional Education Services

SQME offers an extensive portfolio of training services and certifications that can be customized to fit the requirements of each organization. Our courses and certifications mostly use the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) as their core foundation. We provide courses and certification on CMMI, Software Engineering and Management, Project Management, and Quality Management to name a few.

Training & Professional Development

The courses that we offer aim to address your organization’s specific needs. We ensure that the contents of our courses are based on actual experiences transforming your skills into realistic and appropriate solutions to your actual needs. With CMMI as our basic foundation, our courses push global best practices to the limelight which can help your organization attain a lasting and impactful transformation.

These courses are highly customizable depending on your organization’s needs and requirements.

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Professional Certification Center

At SQME, we can boost your organization’s confidence by providing industry certifications based on CMMI v2.0 model. 

The CMMI Institute, through SQME, offers two CMMI certifications: CMMI Associate and CMMI Professional. These are meant to verify your skills and knowledge around CMMI fundamentals, maturity levels, and process areas. You’ll need to pass these certifications in order to move on to any further certifications.

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